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Company Development
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    Overview: In 1990, Taiwan Matsutek Industry was founded, mainly engaged in air purifiers (which account for 60% share of the U.S. market), distilled water and other R & D and production and processing. In 2003, Matsutek Industry began to get involved in emerging robotic vacuum cleaner industry, becoming one of the world's first enterprise in the industry. Up to now, Matsutek products industry is one of the three brands in the world of intelligent vacuum cleaner industry, its production and sales ranks second in the world, and has full intellectual property rights in the United States, China, South Korea and Europe, Japan and other countries. Worldwide, either directly or indirectly Matsutek Industry Cooperation well-known clients include: Carrefour (France), TTI (USA), HELLO-KITTY (Japan), Philips (Netherlands) and so on.

    Trademarks: Matsutek its products mainly include three trademarks: V-BOT (subject trademark), Dr. Wei, Pa Pa Go. V-BOT, is the abbreviation for English Vacuum Robot (robot vacuum cleaner); and "Dr. Wei" as its Chinese trademark (Mainland limit use), which is as per the Chinese transliteration and function; "Pa Pa Go" is in a different orientation, or use in different types of products as trademarks (limited to Taiwan and mainland China use), derived from the work patterns of robotic vacuum cleaner.

Glorious history: In 2003, launched V series robotic vacuum cleaner products, and for the first time entered American market; In 2004, launched first true sense robot vacuum cleaner globally---Vacuum-based, and has sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and other functions; In 2005 to 2007, steady launched RV series and TRV series products, production and sales ranked second in the world; In 2008, V-bot officially entered the domestic market, UN Technology became its general agent; In 2009 to 2011, V-bot entered Taobao Mall, Taobao Appliances and other sales platform, domestic total sale is as much as 100% or more year-on-year growth; In 2011, Matsutek and UN Technology carried out equity tie, further develop domestic market.

    V-BOT always pursues integrity management idea and insist details, innovation and service in order to constantly improve ourselves in practice.