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Investment Demand
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1、The independent legal personality (general taxpayer qualification best), with Grand-pro products to meet regional market needs working capital strength, there is a fixed place of business, good business reputation.

2、With intelligent vacuum cleaner products and similar products or household appliances, small appliances, building materials, household items, etc., and in this industry have a deep knowledge and understanding.

3、Recognition of our company marketing department of the marketing concept, marketing policy and development prospects.

4、Follow the channels’ marketing strategies, policies, accept management and work instruction to improve the competitive ability of the marketing, set up long-term and stable distribution relations of cooperation.

5、Before the agent/distributor the signing of the agreement, the local market operation planning must be submitted to our company channels, after be determined by the company and the audit agency/distribution of qualifications.

6、Agents in the local has the condition, such as good traditional channels, agents in the local network/KA supermarket/e-commerce channels/gift coupon, and good social relations.

7、Agents in the local has independent sales team and service department.

8、Agents should be equipped with specialist is responsible for the sales management and agent for the regional market.

9、One to an agent, to ensure exclusive rights for agents to provide adequate monopolize the market, greater profit margins