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Seven weapons let family automatically become clean
Posted Date:2013-12-10Sources:格兰博

Now the "urban lazy", after a busy day in companies, came back home, then stretched on lazy sofa, really no interest in DIY household cleaning up.In martial arts novel heroes had "seven weapons" wherever they went, and now we have "seven weapons" so that lazy people do not need to clean, but household cleaning can be also achieved.

Without more ado, let's take a look at lazy Pleasant Ship one night at home. Learning the "fingers do not stick spring water" lazy home life.

    The door can not change shoes

    Secret weapon I: automatic shoe cover machine

When guests come, slippers needs washing, it is troublesome! Pleasant Ship’s home has a puppy styling automatic shoe cover machine, so feet of guests can automatically be put disposable shoe covers, they are clean and bought in Jusco with more than 300 yuan, one time can put 50 shoes cover.

Vacuuming without fuss

    Secret Weapon II: sensor trash

Babbling about something for a while, guests left, desktop bunch of garbage, packed, hands on induction trash, lid automatically opens, this is with four AA battery which is bought in Jusco, even do not need feet to tread.

    Secret weapons III: small vacuum cleaner

Well, some small debris on the sofa, it will be very troublesome if using robot vacuum cleaner; so come with this cute little mushroom shape vacuum cleaner, bought in the New World shopping center on the third floor, the reference price of 55 yuan, which use two AA batteries, but also can suck keyboard, small debris and dust on desktop.

there is magic for automatic cleaning the ground

    Secret Weapon IV: automatic cleaner

Look at some pieces of paper and dust on the floor, if sweeping them would be troublesome. Now TV is hitting "Pleasant Goat and Big Wolf". Take it easy! There is automatic cleaner, which rolls by the inside ball driven by electric and put in motion of  the outer cover close to scouring cloth then automatic cleaning. House of 80 square meters just needs 1.5 hours, scouring cloth can absorb nasty hair, dust and small debris, rechargeable, bought in Taobao "competition wonderful world" store with 30 yuan and a height of only 8.5 cm can clean the bottom of bed and sofa. It is suitable for wood floors, ceramic tile, marble and other smooth surfaces.

    Secret Weapons V: Grand-pro intelligent vacuum cleaner

Automatic vacuum cleaner still can not clean large garbage, Pleasant Ship has a magic --- V-bot robotic vacuum cleaner which is bought in Taobao with price of 1199 yuan with a small brush, vacuuming and wiping function, you can set up automatic sweeping, or remote control with a remote control, this stuff is very clever --- can set cleaning time, and automatically return to charging station after cleaning; if electricity is using out, it will own "climb" to light place then stops, so you do not need to climb under the bed to find it when using out of electricity.

    Secret Weapon VI: Wireless Sweeper

Even robotic vacuum cleaner has garbage cannot be swept, now you can use this wireless sweeper, purchased in Taobao with 58 yuan. Turn on the switch, then rotary broom brush will rotate and take garbage into box, do not need you to bow.

    Mopping the floor incidentally when walking

    Secret Weapon VII: mopping cloth slippers

There is some small stains on the ground, meanwhile finishing watching TV, it is time to get up and take a walk. Pleasant Ship put on a pair of mopping cloth slippers which compared with ordinary cloth slippers, it has one-layer velvet cloth in the sole, mopping the floor while on the move, fitness while cleaning, which can be bought from Jiaxing city square and Tianyou city with 8 yuan a pair. (Zengyi)