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  • Grand-pro FAQ

    1、What kind of trash can Grand-pro clean up? Can it work well?

    Answer: Vacuuming is the main function of Grand-pro, and it works well for hair, dust and small particles such as dog hairs, hair, sunflower seeds, rice and miss juice. It can sweep, vacuum and mop at the same time, if opening all these three functions in one time, that is sweep one time, vacuum one time and mop one time, the cleaning effect is completely not poor than manual cleaning.

    2、There are several rooms in my family, can it enter another room after cleaning up one room?

    Answer: Yes, it can. Our machine can enter another zone along wall after cleaning up one zone, and continue cleaning; but please do not close door, and remember to clean up scattered furniture, so that Grand-pro can better finish clean work.

    3、Is there someplace missed to clean, but somewhere cleaned again and again?

    Answer: yes, it can happen. We suggest that you set it clean every day, so it can clean next day even if today do not clean up somewhere; Machine will clean as per set ways of cleaning and change ways of cleaning, so that it can cover all the places in family. Frequent use makes perfect effect! In addition, cleaning four times consume kilowatt hour, that means cleanning one time just need 0.25 kilowatt hour! If you do not believe this, have a try!

    4、If there is water on the floor matters?

    Small amount of water does not matter, for example, wet rag to be wrung then clean is ok; but a large area of water would be forbidden: first, there are a lot of garbage in dust bin, if it sucks the water with garbage then paste together, it will be very difficult to clean; and second, if inhaled a lot of water on the motor will cause some impact. So we do not recommend consumer use machine to clean the bathroom etc.

    5、What kind of floors can machine clean, carpet is ok?

    Answer: You can clean the wood floors, ceramic tile, marble and short-haired carpet; But if it is carpet, then we should get rid of mopping function, because the carpet can not be mopped.

    6、How long is the lifetime of machine? How long the battery can be used? How long we can use after one charge?

    Answer: Please be assured that the life of Grand-pro could be 5 years, as materials are very durable, generally will not bad, unless one day you are in a bad mood, kick it, it is estimated that will leave scars.  

    Battery can be used from 800 to 1000 times, an average of once a day can also be used for more than 2 years. Here we have all the accessories for machine, there is need to call us, ready supply! Machine filled with battery, you can use about one hour or so, if you use mopping mode alone, using time will be longer.

    7、How long is machine warranty? Where can we repair it?

    Answer: Whole machine warranty for one year, 3-year’s warranty for mainboard, battery warranty for six months. Our product failure rate is very low, and we can help you deal with simple failures via telephone; if it involves the replacement of the hardware we need to return to headquarters for repair. Both sides bear the freight during warranty period: send us, you assume, we send them over, we assume. Any questions, feel free to contact us online or call our service hotline 400-661-7622.

    8、here is a trap between my bedroom and sitting room, can it cross over?

    Answer: Within 1 cm is ok, if more than 1 cm may not; Because of flat small design, so it can drill into sofa or bed, so chassis is relatively low.

    9、Noise is big?

    When robotic vacuum cleaner works, the sound is inevitable, Grand-pro research robotic vacuum cleaner for 15 years,the technical bottleneck of robotic vacuum cleaner is very clear to us, mainly brush noise of E-motor and sound of brush, but the sound is very small, and almost the same as normal conversation. In the same power robot vacuum cleaner, Grand-pro performs better. Please take it easy for noise of robot vacuum Grand-pror, thank you!

    10、After receiving new machine, what precautions can do?

    Answer: Upon receipt of machine, first plug battery, mount on the brush, try the machine if can operate normally. Remember that the battery can not be inserted backward. After using out of rest electricity, then use direct charge . Remember that it is not a direct charge cradle, it is like a mobile phone directly plugged into machine charge. New machines have to use direct charge to charge about 10-12 hours for first three times, which is the way for fully activated batteries.

    11、What are methods for battery maintenance?

    Answer: When you are not using machine for a long time, let battery fully charged  then take it off from machine, and place in a cool place. Recommend regular (approximately 15 days) added a power, let battery is in fully charged state. For next time better use .

    When you long-term use of machine, we recommend 2-3 months with Direct charge three times, then use dock charge it. This is way of maintenance for battery, remember it!!

    Small troubleshooting method

    1、I can clean up house just in 10 minutes, but with Robot vacuum cleaner it takes about half an hour and cannot clean up.

    Explanation: Hello consumer! Sweeping time of cleaning robot is half an hour or more in industry. Times are now increasingly intelligent, although you just need 10 minutes to clean up, but if you use this robot, you can not only liberate yourself from cleaning, but also can use this 10 minutes to do other meaningful things.

    Just bought a few days, the robot's working time is inconsistent.

    There are two cases:

    Case one: it can just work 10 minutes after full charged

    Explanation: hello consumer! This case may because the battery is not charging into power, it is recommended that you first check whether the battery is installed correctly in accordance with instructions of installation; and check the charger is good contact, and with automatic charging function; We recommend that you first 3 times with direct charge for charging. If installed correctly, you let the battery first three times charge full 12 hours to fully activate battery performance.

    Case two: Working time inconsistency

    Explanation: Hello consumer! Our machine in different geology produce different frictional forces, thus working time is inconsistent. Meanwhile plus brush cleaning and mopping floor function will bring some friction to machine, therefore inconsistent working hours will still happen.

    1.It's noisy.

    Case 1: Using long time, sound of E-motor becomes big.

    Explanation: Hello consumer! When robot vacuum cleaner works, the sound emitted by E-motor is inevitable. But you can usually make some simple maintenance for E-motor, such as after cleaning, clean dust bin in time; After cleaning filter, be sure to remember after drying then put into machine; Once filter is damaged, must be replaced in time. Believe that you do those simple maintenance, E-motor can be used not only longer, but also can reduce sound.

    2、Find charging stations unwieldy

    Explanation: Hello consumer! Our machine rely on infrared sensor to find charging station. In this process, machine is walking along the wall cruise, although slowly, but it is most effective in industry to find ways. In the meantime, you can also put machine on the left side of auto-charging stations, to test automatic charging function if is normal. We also tell you that an automatic charging station installation tips: machine right side from wall 30cm, left side from wall 100cm or more and try to keep the front of charging station open.


    3、Battery less durable

    Explanation: When you are not using machine for a long time, let battery fully charged  then take it off from machine, and place in a cool place. Recommend regular (approximately 15 days) added power, let battery is in fully charged state. For next time better use. When you long-term use of machine, we recommend 2-3 months with direct charge three times, then use dock charge it. This is way of maintenance for battery, remember it!!

    4、Mopping function is not too strong.

    Explanation: Hello consumer! Our machines are mainly based vacuuming, mopping function is only a secondary function. After you using out the paper we presented, you can use a wet tissue or thin cloth instead which we usually use, so the effect is great! And you can also sprinkle a little disinfectant on cloth, so that not only achieve the cleaning effect, but also play a bactericidal function.

    5、Some steps falter

    Explanation: hello consumer! Our machines are mainly close to the ground to vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, if the machine is too high off the ground and can be on stage, so that might not reach perfect cleaning results. And this question can be said to be a common problem now of smart vacuum cleaner within industry, but as times go on we will as soon as possible to improve our technology

    6、To suck carpet is not working well, it is easy to get stuck.

    Explanation: Hello consumer! our machines work well for short-haired carpet. You can remove floor mopping before sucking carpet, so machine runs more smoothly. Meanwhile, carpet is sucking mainly based, so you can not only take down floor mopping, but also take down brushes.

    7、Machine always repeat cleaning in one place.

    Explanation: Hello consumer!  Our machines have 4 kinds of cleaning mode which is free to replace when working, so it will inevitably repeat cleaning some place. But the cleaning coverage of our machine reached 98.9%, considering among the best in industry. We recommend that you stick with using machine a week or so, believe that you will satisfy the effect.

    8、Cliff-avoidance function is not working well!

    Explanation: Hello consumer ! Our machines can adjust cliff-avoidance sensors as per shade of floor color. Usually default setting are in the second hole, and be sure to remember those three adjustment gears are consistent. The design of our cliff-avoidance sensor is a bright spot in the industry, because it will not happen that if it goes into a slightly lower space to clean, then it will never get out till machine without electricity.