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After-sale Services
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1) The Grand-pro warranty for one year (except consumables such as filters, brushes, etc.; battery warranty for six months) ,lifetime maintenance.
2) The Grand-pro from the date of purchase within one year warranty, the date which is the date of purchase ordinary users to purchase products from the regular path, and have the appropriate valid receipt of purchase(standard warranty card, purchase bills,etc.)

3) All the ordinary customers’ machine repair is required by the purchase of the distributors or agents for repairing.
4) If ordinary customers require direct repair Grang-pro Smart Vacuum Cleaner by headquarters, then please prepared the corresponding key information: regular product warranty card, proof of purchase and product water codes etc.
5) If ordinary customers have any questions (such as need to verify the authenticity of dealers or agents, etc.), please call during working hours, 400 -661-7622.